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CORNER TRIM PVC SQG-1002011 10 mm. BLACK 2 m. | พิชญ์พิศาล | SQG-1002011

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CORNER TRIM PVC SQG-1002011 10 mm. BLACK 2 m.


Corner trim PVC, PHITPHISARN series name SQG-1202011 10 mm. This is black PVC corner. Suitable for railing and decorative corner of pillars house.


  • V.C. corner trim, PHITPHISARN series SQG-1202011 10 mm.
  • Size (width x length x height) 3 x 200 x 1 cm.
  • Color: Black
  • A product suitable floor tile thickness less than 9-10 mm.
  • Made from PVC grade A.
  • Compatible with all colors floor tiles.
  • A product can decorate interior and exterior.


  • Should be placed this product flat or straight to prevent bending of goods.
  • Choose corner trim tiles to fit the space.
  • Please do not bent or broken goods
  • Please do not use fire to burn products.
  • Avoid placing in hot area or sun.
  • After installation completed. Then peel off the protective film.
  • Only use soapy water to clean product.

**Ask more information, please call CALL CENTER Tel. 1284

Color ดำ
Height (cm) 1.1
Width (cm) 200
Depth (cm) 3
Weight (kg) 0.2