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A ceramic filter is used for water filtration. Functioning as a medium that detects limestone solution, it filters water fast and effectively at 0.3 micron and reduces water hardness resulting in better taste.

Usage Recommendations

  • Recommended to change the filter according to its useful life.
  • Keep away from sunlight or heat as the product could be deteriorated.
Height (cm) 25
Width (cm) 5.5
Depth (cm) 5.5

    Table for Water Filter / Sink Basin Standard Installation Service Fees and Equipment
    Type of installation products Installation Service Fee (VAT inclusive) Standard Installation Equipment not exceeding
    Electric Wire
    Ground Wire
    Clod Water Pipe
    Waste Water Pipe
    Joint Bent Joint
    1.Drinking Water Filter (with electrical system)750.-2x2.5 4m.
    1x1.5 4m.
    4 m.-4 units
    2.Drinking Water Filter (without electrical system)640.---4 m.-4 units
    3.20-Liter Strainer1,050.---4 m.-4 units
    4.50-Liter Strainer1,500.---4 m.-4 units
    5.Sink Basin750.---4 m.4 m.4 units
    Service Conditions
    1. Terms on Installation
    • In case of having an installation on any glass block, mirror, metal,wooden furniture, and any kind of stone, there will be a cost for extra installation equipment from the standard as indicated in the Extra Installation Equipment Price List.
    • In case of drilling a plastered ceiling, the company will drill at the area related to an installation (exclusive of paint and ceiling repair)
    • Working site must be a flat surface of 2-3 square meter with a height from floor to the machine not higher than 3 meters.
    • In case that the height from floor to the machine is higher than 3 meters, the customer must provide scaffold for installation.
    • In case that the installation cannot be made because the customer does not prepare installation site or does not postpone the installation appointment 2 days in advance, the company will charge travelling cost of 300 Baht/ trip.
    2. Terms on Installation Equipment
    • Electric wiring and water piping will be exposed.
    • For standard installation equipment, the company will provide for actual usage only.
    • The company reserves the right not to deliver those unused equipment and neither to exchange nor refund in cash or discount.
    • In case the customer purchases extra installation equipment himself, the company will charge labor cost at 50% of the extra installation equipment cost.
    • ** No labor cost charge in case of using extra installation equipment which is given together with the products. The above cost of extra installation equipment is inclusive of VAT.
    3. Installation Warranty
    • Warranty is provided after installation for 180 days and is responsible for actual damage due to installation service but not exceeding 2 times of standard installation service fee of Home Pro.
    • The company reserves the right not to accept any exchange or return of products which have already been installed.
    • In case the customer needs relocation or re-installation of old unit, the labor fee will be charged as indicated in the service fee table.
    • The company will not responsible for any damage which occurs from:
    • * The customer hires other person to install or repair the installation work made by the company.
    • * The Customer hires or engages technician of the company to work beyond the scope of service as indicated in the job sheet, without an engagement through the company. If the customer is interested in using any additional service, please contact Special Service Counter or Service Center at
      Tel 02-831-6000.
    4. Service Area
    Service radiance is as follows:
    Bangkok Branches cover Bangkok and Metropolitan Bangkok.
    • Rungsit Branch :up to Klong 10, Amphoe Banhpra-in, Wongnoi.
    • Rattanathibej Branch :up to Nobprawong section.
    • Phetkrasem Branch :PuttamonthonSai 7.
    • Rama2 Branch :up to Prasamutjaedee, Pomprajul, Mahachaimuangmai.
    • Suvarnabhumi Branch :up to Samutprakarn Clock Tower, Crocodile Farm, Bangna-Trad km.30, Bangplee Housing.
    • Fashion Island Branch :up to Hua-TakayBridge, Suwintawong, Nongjok.
    Upcountry Branches
    • Free of charge for the first 30 kms. From the branch.
    • 15 Baht/km for the following 31stkms.-100thkms.
    • Lump Sum service charge if exceeding 101 kms.
    • ** The company reserves the right to change service fee and conditions without prior notice.
    Extra Installation Equipment Price List
    List of equipmentUnitEquipment price+ Service Fee
    1. VAF Electric Wire 2x2.5
    2. THW Ground Wire 1.5
    3. Breaker + boxset150.-
    4. Closing-Opening Switch + Boxset300.-
    5. Three-Pin Plug+ Boxset200.-
    6. PVC tube size 1/2”meter30.-
    7. PVC tube size 1- 1/2”meter50.-
    8. Joint, PVC tube size 1/2” unit20.-
    9. Joint, PVC tube size 1- 1/2”unit20.-
    10. Closing-Opening Valveunit200.-
    11. Ball-Valve Tapunit120.-
    12. Braided Stainless tube size 12” to 18”line150.-
    13. Gouging wall work, any kind of terrazzo floorpoint2,500.-
    14. Equipment for Ceiling Repair Size 3” (additional charge from standard) unit80.-
    15. ROD size 30 cm. (excluding electric wiring) point200.-
    16. Gouging wall, wooden floor, fiber workspoint1,000.-
    17. Metal structures supporting mirror wall, glass block, metal set1,000.-
    18. Gouge, drilling, ceiling repair (excluding painting) point300.-
    19. In case the customer purchases extra installation equipment himself, charge for labor cost50% of the Equipment Price + Labor Cost
    The company has a procedure to confirm appointment and survey customer satisfaction in using the service in order to improve service quality. Therefore, there may be more than one contact to the customer.