Homepro FAQ

Promotion & Discount

  • Is Price and Promotion in www.homepro.co.th same with those in the store?
  • Price and Promotion in www.homepro.co.th and 'Homepro store' can be different due to special campaigns and promotions which could be available on specific channel. Please check product price again at Homepro store near you.

    We are more than happy to have you as our member. Please register to be our member, then we can send you an e-mail to let you know about special privileges to shop online.

  • Will customers get the additional discount with Krungsri Homepro Visa card?
  • Additional discount will be valid for selected products as shown in website only. (or state otherwise)

HomeCard Member

  • Can HomeCard members order goods in Homepro Online?
  • All members are welcome to make a purchase in Homepro Online. By simply link your homecard member to an existing or newly created online account, then enjoy a member privileges online as well.
  • Does HomeCard Member get point collection for online purchase?
  • You can make a linkage between homecard member and online account, then you will get point collection as same as you are shopping at the stores.