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Why HomeCard

Rewarding Points

Earn and use you points as discount for products and services from HomePro and MEGA HOME

Member privileges

Enjoy all privileges we selected to suit all lifestyles

Free Service

Free home design and consultancy service from professional team


Enjoy exclusive activities and events from HomePro and MEGA HOME

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Get updated news and special promotions from HomePro and MEGA HOME


Enjoy our promotions and privileges by applying HomeCard at Counter Service in HomePro and MEGA HOME or visit www.homepro.co.th. You can easily earn points by using mobile number or citizen ID.

HomeCard Point

Easily earn HomeCard Points at all branches of HomePro and MEGA HOME or www.homepro.co.th. Every 30 baht you will get 1 point and you can redeem for discount for your next purchase. Moreover, HomeCard point can be redeemed for free gifts and special privileges from our partners.

HomeCard Privileges:

Reward yourself with our exclusive service from our partners. We selected the best benefits matching with your different lifestyle including discount from hospital, restaurant, hotel and a lot more to come.

HomeCard Promotion:

Find the best member-only promotions from HomePro and let us give you your best shopping experiences.

  • Terms and Conditions
    1. I warrant that the information in this Application Form is true and correct in every aspect. I acknowledge and agree that all personal data and information provided herein or arising from my subsequent transactions with The Company – when using this card - are the property of The Company.
    2. I agree and accept that the collection of personal data and related information is for the purpose of serving card members interests and for the provision of the best card-related benefits. The use of the aforementioned personal data and all information by The Company shall be in the scope of the intended purpose of the Card. In this regard, the use of the aforementioned personal data and all information shall be within the scope of the law.
    3. I consent and authorize The Company to disclose my personal data provided in this Application or arising from any transaction between The Company and others. If The Company consider that the disclosure or exchange of such information serves my benefits.
    4. I agree and accept that when I return purchases items to The Company, I will have to reimburse the collected points and the redeemed rewards or pay the cash value of the redeemed rewards to The Company.
    5. I agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the card members agreement as provided by The Company at the moment of submitting the Application, as well as any amendments that may arise from time to time without prior notice given by The Company.
    6. I acknowledge and agree that The Company has the rights to decline or cancel my Card Application without giving any reasons for said decline or cancellation.
    7. The Company reserves the rights to any changes of these Terms and Conditions, in regard to the use of the Card, the redeemable rewards and the various privileges, without prior notice. In case of conflicting interests, the ruling of The Company shall be considered decisive.

HomeCard Benefits


  • How to earn HomeCard Points?
  • You can earn HomeCard Points when shopping at HomePro, The Power, MEGA HOME and all participating partners. Every 30 baht spending with us, earn 1 HomeCard Point under the stated conditions (please see in Terms&Conditions). Points will be automatically credited to your account in the next day.

  • Will my HomeCard Points expired?
  • Yes. HomeCard Points will expire every 2 years from the latest date of spending. HomePro will void all expired points at the end of second year.

  • How to redeem HomeCard Rewards?
    1. Redemption can be made through customer service counter or cashier at all branches of HomePro and MEGA HOME or through HomePro website
    2. For redemption at HomePro and MEGA HOME branch, HomeCard holders must redeem by themselves with their HomeCard (or registered phone number and ID card which specify the same name
    3. After redemption, points cannot be resumed in any case.
  • What if I lose or damage my HomeCard?
  • Currently, we have stopped issuing plastic HomeCard. Members can use registered phone number, ID card or HomePro application instead of plastic HomeCard