How to Solve Problem for Deck and Roof Leakages? You Can Repair Them Easily by Yourself

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        Cool breeze that comes with rain every morning and evening, with a raged storm, it's the season that we have to carry umbrellas to protect ourselves from the rain. For homes with decks, you need to be careful especially for roof leakage. Because the heavier rain storms every day causing the rain to hit the roof very hard. You need to pay attention and find out how to solve problem for deck leakage. Starting from finding building materials and renovating the house such as waterproof materials, construction chemicals or waterproof cement. HomeGuru would like you to understand the problem that which points should not be overlooked and how to repair deck leakage the right way.

What causes the deck to leak?


Everyone may forget that the roof of the house is heavily used, it was hit by wind, sun and rain. Therefore, before entering the rainy season, it is necessary for you to check the roof or deck regularly, find out which area has roof leakage. You can easily observe the cracks of the deck or roof or water stains caused by seepage. If you leave it for a long time, it may cause deck leakage and it can penetrate into the inner steel structure from the deterioration of concrete or waterproofing expiration. And one of the main reasons for the deck leakage is the clogged, drainage problem from various sewage that accumulates water and if there is water retention for a long time, it will cause the leak.


How to fix deck leakage?


Most of the problems from deck leakage caused by non-standard concrete floor. The acrylic system has an average life of 5 years. Polyurethane system for about 10 years. The basic way that you can solve the deck leakage problem is sweeping the floor, scrubbing the surface to clean, rinse the dirt or dust to make the surface smooth and clean. Otherwise, dust will cause the coating to not stick to it. And do not forget to scrub the moss with fungicides. Check the floor with cracks before repairing them by painting deck with waterproof liquid or acrylic waterproof.

Get to know the necessary materials to stop the leak

For the solutions of deck leakage, you will need waterproof cement and acrylic waterproof: these two types have the same function to prevent and plug the leakage. But both of these types have different flexibility that support leakage.
- Waterproof cement : concealed fracture not exceeding 0.75 mm. It can also withstand water pressure more than 1.5 bar. And it has a special strength to hold more than 2 Mpa. You can apply it on old tiles that has leaks before laying new tiles.
- Acrylic waterproof : The strength is to prevent cracking of concrete more than 5 times better, flexible, able to withstand severe weather conditions and resistant to UV radiation.


Increasing efficiency, preventing deck leakage
To find the solutions for deck leakage, you We have to plan from the beginning, the deck construction must be designed to allow the deck to support the direction of the water. When the rain falls, the water must not be trapped in one spot. It must have a slope to the drain according to the angle degree. Then, you should install a drain on the deck. Recommend to use a large diameter pipe at least 3 inches in diameter and you should install it more than 2 spots, to drain quickly. You should get rid of the leaves and dust particles that block the drain by using the main material like concrete. Recommend to choose concrete that is 100% standard, which the concrete of the deck should be 12-15 cm thick, in order to drain water efficiently.

Solving the problem for deck and roof leakage is not difficult. You need to learn and understand the problem. So you will know how to solve problem for deck leakage the right way. Because this problem, if you don’t repair it immediately, it can cause the house to deteriorate in efficiency which has direct impact on residents. Therefore, the beginning of construction is important. You can buy building materials and add quality home repairs such as waterproof cement, construction chemicals,