Fitbit Top Smartwatch and Exercise Watches Review Health Lovers Can’t Miss!


Fitbit is a health wristband which was developed as an intelligent watch (Smartwatch) and an exercise watch (Fitness Tracker). Fitbit is famous for the design, full functions and consistently good sales. Fitbit smartwatch is cheaper than other smartwatch brands, therefore, it has continuously become a popular aid for health care and exercise. HomeGuru has 4 top Fitbit smartwatch reviews suggesting the differences in design and usage and which Fitbit model is best for you. Find the right Fitbit smartwatch as your health care assistant and make your life easier.

Fitbit Ionic : Fitbit's first fitness smartwatch

A Fitbit smartwatch that combines exercise and daily living together perfectly. With 5-day battery life, not a bulky design, waterproof 50 meters deep, an automatic sensor for exercise and sleep tracking, GPS system to help track and record data, notifications function from smart phone, and including being able to record and listen to music from smartwatch; simply connect Bluetooth headphones. Overall, Fitbit Ionic is a digital wristwatch that does not rely much on smart phone.
And even more special with the launch of Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition that jointly developed with Adidas, with an outstanding sporty silicone strap, Adidas-designed clock face, and built-in Adidas Train workouts function in this special edition only!
 Fitbit Versa : Fully functional smartwatch at affordable price range in thousand

For health lovers who like to exercise indoors or spend more time for fitness more than outdoor activities, Fitbit Versa is considered as one of the most attractive fitness smartwatch. However, if you are not serious about GPS function which must be use together with a smart phone, then this Fitbit Versa has all functions just like Fitbit Ionic, and with price that you don’t require much thought.
And with a distinctive slim design at only 11.2 mm thin, with 5 various colors to choose from, including normal black and gray colors and Fitbit Versa peach color that the edge of the watch and the lock on strap is rose gold or special color such as black charcoal. And Fitbit Versa lavender color that is beautiful and easy to use.
Fitbit Charge 3 : Top fitness wristband with cool design

Fitbit Fitness Tracker 3 has developed a variety of functions, focusing on the daily movement of users such as tracking on walking steps, distance, nutrition, weight, sleep and other functions accurately. With sensors for measuring and tracking an in-depth health information, over 15 fitness modes, even though the GPS function must rely on a smart phone but there is an alert system for incoming calls and Quick Reply to help reply short messages.
This Fitbit model is available in leather, fabric and exercise straps and in blue-gray and black colors. As for the special edition is available in lavender color and Fitbit Charge 3 white color is a silicone strap with ventilation holes, comfortable to wear and does not cause allergic reactions.
 Fitbit Alta HR : Built-in sensors with slim body

Developed from an earlier Fitbit Alta, it is a fitness wristband that stores exercise data to a certain extent. Able to track accurate sleep with Sleep Stages & Sleep Insights feature that can store deep sleeping stages to analyze and give advice on adjusting sleep behavior and sleep more efficiently.
With the thinnest among other Fitbit smartwatches, the Fitbit Alta HR is outstanding in terms of design, which is available in 3 sizes, 6 colors and can change many straps design. With 7-day battery life, record activities up to 30 days, water resistant and notifications for incoming calls, messages and calendar alerts.

Based on this Fitbit review, you can now see the differences in usage of Fitbit Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker models that HomeGuru has briefly introduced. But if you are still wondering how smartwatch is different from general fitness watches and how to choose : just click! Smartwatch