Choose Tiles According to Feng Shui Principles Make Your Home Beautiful and Prosperous!


“Tile” an important item of the house with its unique feature, beautiful colors and patterns. Tiles are strong and durable. The surface of tiles can be clean easily. And there are variety of styles to choose from. Tile is considered an item that indicates the taste and identity of the owner of the house as well. Moreover, many people value the Feng Shui principles in choosing tiles for the suitable use. Choosing Feng Shui tiles also requires special attention to details. Today, HomeGuru gathers good tips for choosing tiles.

How to choose floor tiles according to the correct Feng Shui principles?
Floor is considered a large area of the house which we might overlooked. Despite that it is important to Feng Shui science. According to Feng Shui, the correct floor tiling, especially the long floor tiling such as the popular wood floor, placing the tiles must be in the correct direction. There are two main types: the vertical and horizontal flooring. According to Feng Shui, the layout of the floor tiles will determine the direction for the energy to flows. So, before paving the floor tiles, it is important for you to check the direction where energy flows.

The floor tiling pattern that is contrary to the Feng Shui principle, is the floor that has long and narrow path with with windows at the endways or connects to other rooms. This type of floor tiling causes the energy to flow in the wrong direction and it also makes the room awkward and narrower than the actual area.

How to choose the right wall tile?
The style of living space of the house is an important part to consider. Because each area of the house is used differently. Therefore, wall tiles are suitable for different usage as well.

Wall tile for the living room and parlor
- Living room and parlor that has a cozy atmosphere. A multipurpose room for everyone in the house to relax. Recommend to choose bright color tiles which give a friendly atmosphere.
Bright color tiles do not make the room look dull and uncomfortable.

Wall tile forbedroom

- Choose the color of the tile that makes you feel relaxed. It can be a solid color or a pattern that is not too gaudy which look comfortable and feel calm.

Wall tile for kitchen
- Should focus on easy cleaning. Recommend to choose bright tile patterns and colors which stimulate appetite.

Wall tile for bathroom

- Should focus mainly for safety. Recommend to choose fresh color tiles which provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Choose wall tile pattern according to Feng Shui
In addition to the tile color, the tile pattern also affects Feng Shui principles as well. And each pattern affects people in the house differently.

Natural pattern tile - Makes people in the house lively and peaceful.

Cloud pattern tile - Provide prosper, wealthy in terms of assets and friendship.

Water wave pattern tile
- Keeps people in the house calm, cautious and be conscious.

Wood pattern tile - Helps prevent sickness and be healthy.

Natural stone pattern tile
- Provide prosper in business and fortune.

Feng Shui tiles that are suitable for each birth element
The birth element of each person is considered another variable according to Feng Shui principles. Whether it is floor or wall tile, can also use the same principles for choosing tile color.

Fire element 
- Red and pink colors represent love and warmth, help to strengthen the family bond.

Water element
- Blue and cerulean blue colors bring peace and tranquility to the house. These colors help to cure diseases for people in the house.

Wind element - Green, light violet and gray colors enhance in keeping the house cool and peaceful.

Earth element
- Orange, yellow, brown and cream colors represent money and power, bring wealth to the house.

Now, you have ideas for choosing tiles according to Feng Shui. Keep yourself update with beautiful tile colors and patterns at all HomePro and HomePro S branches or click to view products online at Inquire for more details at Call Center 1284.