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Term of Use
1. Introduction
Welcome all customers to our website,, Home Product Center Public Company Limited has developed this website for the purpose of the online product and service purchase order for customers/users. We hereby request for your kind attention to read and comply with the usage of the website Terms and Conditions for your own benefits. Any activities which have been done on this website shall be deemed that you accept the legal binding as specified herewith in all respects. In this regards, the Company reserves the rights to change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.
2. Copyrights by law (Copyrights) and Limitation of the usage of this website
Please be informed that the rights of the message, picture, sound, content, trademark, service mark, name, trade name, presentation, information, news and any components appeared in this website solely and legally belong to the and are protected under the Intellectual Property Law of Thailand. Should any person imitates, counterfeits, copies, modifies, publicizes, distributes, makes available for rent or commits any action for the commercial benefit or unlawful benefit from the abovementioned intellectual property without any written permission from or the owner of trademark in any cases., on behalf of the Home Product Center Public Company Limited, shall ultimately proceed with the legal proceeding against the infringer and the right of the usage of this website shall immediately be terminated if the users violate the Terms and Conditions of the usage of this website.
3. Connection with Other Websites website is connected to other websites beyond the supervision of Company for the purpose of facilitating the information to you. does not give any guarantee or confirmation to the user accepts that shall not be responsible for the contents, advertising, products and services on those websites which may cause any damage from the visit or use of service in such other connected websites.
4. Product Description and Color of Picture website displays the caption describing the product for part of your such connected websites consideration to purchase the product and service which is unable to warrant the absence of errors. Therefore, if you are uncertain or need further information, please contact Homepro Call Center, Tel. 1284 everyday at 08.00 a.m. - 09.00 p.m. before deciding to make an order any products or services. website intentionally displays the pictures of the product at its accurate color, however, the color being displayed on your monitor may inaccurate according to the different setting of the computer monitor.
5. Signing Up and Membership
5.1 allows only the user who is registered as a member to be able to order the product or attend any sales promotion activities on the website.
5.2 The membership registration of, the registrant shall fill in the true, complete and updated Personal Information. In case of any changes, the information is required to be up-to-date.
5.3 The membership registration and purchase order through, the user must be 18 years of age or older.
5.4 Each user is allowed to have only one user account. The violation of the conditions may cause suspension the user account, the right to obtain promotions, or other benefits and may be charged, or fine under the criminal law.
6. Sale and Purchase Order Condition
The product and service purchased order shall be completed upon the payment of the product and service and promotion (Sales Promotion), which have offered will used only the purchase of product through and cannot be applied for the purchase of product at the Company's branches.
Product Sale and Purchase Order will be delivered to you: (*in accordance with delivery condition)
- Upon the product is delivered to you, please inspect the product carefully before signing to accept product in the delivery document. In case of any defect, please inform the Call Center immediately before accepting the product.
- Purchase of product, i.e. electronic appliances, equipments, the manufacturer/distributor (business partner) shall be the direct warranty for the product. In the event that your case is under the warranty conditions, you can contact the manufacturer/distributor directly. and
- The price specified in is exclusive of installation fee. If you want to use installation service, the additional installation service is available to order in this website.
Service Sale and Purchase Order (Home Service)/Coupon (Voucher)
All service Coupons printed out from the is valid only specified in the Terms and Conditions i.e. the discount from the price of product/service and the Company is not responsible for Coupons or reference number of the Coupon printed out from the system and is subsequently lost or stolen in any cases. The Coupon and reference number cannot be renewed/reused regardless any activities except specified by law. It shall be deemed that you waive the use of such Coupon/reference number if you do not use the Coupon/reference number within its expiry date.
Service of HomePro (Home Service)
Installation service must only be pursuant to the standard terms of Homepro with the standard and service fee appeared in the notification for each types of service.
Coupon for the Service of Business Partner (Voucher)
- The Purchase of this Coupon is the purchase from the business owner (Business Partner) which has offered through the The business owner (Business Partner) shall be solely responsible.
- The details and terms to use the Coupons are specified by such business owner (Business Partner) which is appeared in the Coupon.
- This Coupon cannot be exchanged to cash, promotion, discount or others benefits.
7. Delivery Policy
Delivery Service
- Homepro will deliver products to the customer after the payment is confirmed
- Delivery will be performed according to order number. Items purchased under the same order number may be shipped separately according to the type of merchandise.
- he product will be delivered to the address which is specified in the address for delivering the product only and the delivering address cannot be amended after the confirmation of delivery.
- Reserve the rights to not deliver the product to a, the product shall be delivered only to the address clearly specified.
- Reserve the rights to not deliver the product in Yala, Pattani, Narathivas provinces and across islands of Thailand. For island, the product shall be delivered to nearest port (mainland side) of that island.
- Delivery time period may be changed. In case of some product, which must be By-Order or unavailable in the warehouse.
- In case that the product is still not yet received within 3 days after the Company confirmed the dispatched of the product, please call to notify Homepro Call Center immediately.
- Inspection of product, please inspect the product immediately upon the receipt of product for your own benefit. In case of any error, please notify Homepro Call Center immediately.
Types of Delivery
Homepro will deliver your order based on the registered address given upon order confirmation only. Depending on items purchased, Homepro can cater your shipment or shipment with installation services (as stated in checkout process)
Delivery Fee
Delivery fee will be charged by actual distance, calculated from the nearest store to your shipping address, delivery fee start at 300 baht.
- Delivery Service throughout the Kingdom of Thailand to the receiver during 9.00 am. - 06.00 pm.
- In case the customer is not present to receive the product and no person to collect the product without requesting of postponement 1 day in advance within 03.00 pm., the customer shall pay additional delivery fee at 200 baht per time
- In the event that the assistant is physically needed on scene for customer, the additional fee shall be at 300 baht per person or in case of the tile /ceramic product that are required to be lifted the upstairs to higher floor, there will be additional fee at 300 baht per floor.
- Homepro reserve rights to change without prior notice.
8. Signing Up and Membership
8.1 In the event that any mistake has occurred and caused the information related to product and service Purchase Order to be changed from the original information such as unfulfilled and inaccurate product description, etc. has full rights to cancel the Purchase Order at any time and if the has received the payment, the shall refund to the user in full amount that is paid earlier within 7-15 days from the cancellation date of the Purchase Order.
8.2 In the event that the content or information for fixed period of the sale promotion appeared to be contrary with the Terms and Condition, policy of any service as specified in the website. The special Terms and Condition of the service shall prevail and the special Terms shall be separated from the major policy of the
9. Termination/Withdrawal of Membership
9.1 In case of any damage to other user/ website or the Company, the user accepts to be responsible for the actual damage in all aspects.
9.2 In case that the member/user commits or is appeared to have the intention which is contrary to the law and public moral, the Company reserves its rights to withdraw the membership immediately without prior notice and if there is appears any damages, the member/user shall be responsible for such damages.
9.3 The may withdraw, limit, change, increase/decrease the credit amount as it is deemed appropriate. As you have registered to be the membership of, such means you have accepted the conditions.
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