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S.O.S Rainy Slash Sale up to 70% (25 Jun – 4 Jul’18)
Privilege for KBank dedit card, Get Discount On Top 10% up to 500 THB  (1 Jun – 15 Aug'18)
SHOOT& SHOP Get Discount on top up to 3,000.- (4 Jun - 4 July'18)
Apply Citi credit card and Citi ready credit get cash back 2,000.- (1 Jun - 30 Sep'18)
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HomePro Shock sale
HomePro Rainy Sale
HomePro S บิ๊กซีบางนา
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The LG Treasure ตื่นตาโลกขุมทรัพย์กับ LG OLED TV รับส่วนลดสูงสุด 25% (26 - 27 พ.ค.61)
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